NewHele ( Crack Finder)


Now you can search every sort of cracks, serials and covers,

without falling into shit like toolbars, popups, spyware, adware, malware.


Crack Sites Supported :


    Cracks.Am, KeyGen.Us, AllCracks.Net, Andr.Net, Crack.Ms,

    Crackz.Ws, CrackArchive.Com, CrackDb.Com, CrackzPlanet.Com,

    CrackWay.Com, MsCracks.Com, CrackPortal.Com, TheCracks.Us,



Serial Sites Supported :


    Seriall.Com, FreeSerials.Com, SerialSite.Com, Serials.Ws,

    SerialDb.Com, Andr.Net, SerialKey.Net, SerialArchive.Com,

    CrackzPlanet.Com, MsCracks.Com, CrackPortal.Com,

    MySerials.Com, KeyGen.Name, TheKeys.Ws


You can also use a proxy to bypass Day Limit for some sites.




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